Thursday, 5 March 2009

Moving Forward

After having three sessions with my hypnotherapist I'm actually feeling a 100% more positive than I was a few weeks ago. So to me thats Bloody Great!!

I am still listening to my hypnotherapy mp3 every single night and I am making myself walk outside about three or more times aday and I am gradualy walking a few more steps each day. A few weeks ago when I had been quite depressed and my anxiety just seemed through the roof it was hard even for me to go outside my house and think about walking a few steps. I know that last year when I got my puppy I was walking further than I am now but some how it went back and then I stopped trying. Now I am making sure I am walking everyday and I am starting to see the results.

Walking outside every day is one thing I have never tried since having suffered from agoraphobia, but now I can see the benefits of doing it. It gets easier to do each day and some of the area which was outside my safe zone is now inside my safe zone.

Another benefit of seeing my hypnotherapist every week is the incentive to actually have some progress to report each time I see him. If I only saw him once a month, I might be lazy and not try to improve a little every week. As well as this, he gives me some CBT to do each week.

He doesn't want me to talk negatively to him, and he's told me that when I get negative thoughts, I have to change my thinking to something positive. It doesn't have to be related to my negative thought, it can be anything - as long as it's positive. In this was I'm training myself to have less negative thoughts.

I'm trying to concentrate on what I can do, rather than what I can't do. I'm trying to think of this thing as a process rather than a "cure".

I feel more hopeful about progressing now than I have for a long time!


Kaci said...

Awesome to hear you are feeling better and making progress! I am glad that the hypnotherapist is helping. :)

Ana said...

I've just found your blog.
I had agoraphobia for two times. There were times I watched people walking at the streets at a movie and I felt terrible.
I thought I was never going to be able to go out again.
I can assure you that you will.
When you least expect you will forget that you had to deal with it and you will close your door without even remembering how difficult it was to get out.
The first step is almost there.


♥ Kathy said...

Yay! That's terrific news!

Rachael Hale said...

This is great to hear!
I think a positive attitide can do so much, it's good to hear the hypnotherapy is having a positive effect, i'm still thinking of looking into it as somthing that could help me along.

Keep up the great work! Its the little steps that do so much

Ana said...

I forgot to tell you that one of the "methods" I've found was going out next to my house to buy something I wanted or needed.
It can be a pen anything. You keep focused on that thing and the way back home is much more easier.
Hope it helps.

Tawny said...

This is great to hear, I have not experienced what you are going through, but I am willing you to overcome it :)

Sarah♥ said...

This is one of the best posts i have ever read, it oozes positivity :)


Ana said...

I'm sorry I wrote my experience that was a symptom and not the real agoraphobic condition.
What I wrote is not of any help for people who have your experience with this.
I will inform myself better and try to write about it.
I hope you didn't get angry with me.