Friday, 27 February 2009

had two hypnotherapy/cbt sessions - Feeling more positive but sleeping untill 1pm

Here are a few things I'm doing diffrent thease days

1, I listen to my Hypnotherapy every night.

2, I walk the dog as far as I can each day a few times a day. which is probualy around 13-18 steps at the minute lol.. but hey im trying .

3, I drive my car to the shop across the road to get my dog a bone when he needs a new one.

4, I'm walking as far as I can in our shop every day.

5, Ive arranged to start Pilates.. meeting the lady on monday. she does home visits also, but I have chosen to go to a class in a hall.

6, I'm thinking about learning meditation

7, I am feeling better in the car now so dragging my husband out in the car when I can lol

8, starting to try and go to cafes and Restraunts

9, I have sciatica quite bad at the moment Ive had it for over two weeks now.

10. I am sleeping untill about 1pm each day.. so thats something I need to change not sure if the sciatica is anything to do with it as I am in quite abit of pain etc,

In the past a new therapy has always made me positive and motivated at the start and it normally goes down hill after a month or so.....

One thing I have done diffrently so far with this new therapy is that I am listening to the hypnotherapy each night and I am actually doing the homework each day. which actually I have never done in therapy. so for that I give myself a pat on the back.

actually I am rather pleased with myself at the moment for all the thing I have written above.
and for me sleeping in untill lunch time is rather shit I must admit and I am relying on my husband to get the kids ready for school. I'm hoping that I will able to have a routine of my own and start to become a proper mummy.


Madison Rose said...

Hey there, sounds like you richly deserve that pat on the back :)

Kaci said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! Meditation is something I really want to get serious about, I've been doing it every night for at least ten minutes to start. I've been listening to my hypno cd everyday and I think it's a huge help because it helps me to think positively each day while I listen to it. I hope things keep getting better!

Laura said...

Hello I have read Roberts blog from beginning to end, and now you have yours follow it too. I would suggest that sleeping til 1pm is something you need to do, not because of depression but because you are doing SO MANY new/different things that you are tired. That is normal, and the comment left on Roberts blog, by Sarah, was uncalled for. Your children are watching you grow and change and fight your demons, and you are working so hard at that right now!
I hope you don't mind such a long comment from a complete stranger.

Sarah♥ said...

WELL DONE. All good steps there :)

What you should do is do little maps like Lynn has done showing the journeys you take alone.


rosiero said...

Marie, you are doing really well and making some progress. Keep it up and before you know it you will be on the way to recovery. Sounds like the hypnotherapy is working! The fact that you are walking the dog several times a day - even if it is a short distance - is marvellous. At least you are getting out!!