Saturday, 24 January 2009

Seven pounds

I just watched the film Seven Pounds. I cried most of the way through it.
When I sat and watched this movie I started to think how my life was. How can I start to change the way I am? It is up to me to start thinking positive and begin to think what I want from life.
I know I can start to change the way my anxiety controls my mind. To start doing this I have to tell myself I am in charge!! I hope anyone reading this can start to believe they can too.
Life starts to change the day you want it!!

Marie x


Kaci said...

I agree! It's a long process but I believe it's possible. Lately, every night before I go to bed I write down one thing that I appreciate. Sometimes it's something deep and sometimes it's something very simple. Then I write down a bunch of positive statements, like how I'd like things to be.

It's been difficult and I find that my progress is very up and down. It's hard not to get frustrated when things take a step back but I guess that how progress works.

Kaci said...

I don't have msn but I did update my profile info so now my email is on there :)

Anonymous said...

I do not have agoraphobia but I do have OCD and have learned that the more I give into the OCD the more pronounced it becomes. My motto is "Risk the Uncomfortable". I know it is hard, somedays I just cannot do it. But if you manage you will notice that it is easier the next time and the next.
I tried to e-mail you and for some reason it would not work. My family knows I have OCD of course but my friends and co-workers do not (although I am sure they think something is up. I admire that you have gone public about this..despite knowing there is nothing to be ashamed of as with any other illness I cannot do this and yet I wish I was as brave as you.

Nechtan said...


Finding the self belief that you can change your life for the better is the biggest positive step forward you can take so best of luck with your new outlook. I hope it leads you on a road to a better future.

All the best


PS Sorry about the deleted comment above- that was me.

Drew said...

Hi Marie,

I found your blog linked from your husband's blog and I wanted to say that I admire the courage you're showing in telling your own story. I hope it helps you along the road to recovery.

Courage and conviction are so important. The only way out ... is through. That courage and conviction are in you. I can see it in this short post.

Best of luck to you ...

rosiero said...

Once you can take that first step you are on the road to recovery. I'm behind you all the way!!!

Tawny said...

You can do it. I have absolutely no knowledge of this sort of thing, but if it helps to know people are willing you to be able to overcome your anxieties, then I am right behind you :)

The Dotterel said...

It's amazing how often a good book or film can lead to such conclusions. Don't forget 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step'.

Kit Courteney said...

Having been a fan of Robert's blog for some time now, I am delighted to see you have a blog of your own.

You really do have THE most beautiful children! (Jealous? Me? Never.)

Hary said...

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