Tuesday, 31 March 2009

pushing things I can do

This weekend I stayed on my own at my friend lucys house which is about 2hrs away in Wales, we was chatting on msn on friday night and she asked what I was doing this weekend and I told her I had nothing planned so from there on we made random plans for me to go and stay the next day, Lucy also suffers from anxiety also her agoraphobia side isnt that bad but sometimes she can go on the train to her boyfriends house and then other days she can not cope with the train etc, so her brother met Robert and myself half way as Lucy was to anxious. she will come and stay with me soon sometime It depends how she is feeling at the time. I didn't get to take any photos this time as I forgot to take my camra biggest mistake but I have the memories which I will never forget.

This was a new thing for me to do to go and stay at a friends so far away without Robert or my family so I am very pleased with myself. I have lots of friends all over the uk and other countries I am going to push myself to go and stay with quite a few as I think it will build my confidence up.

I have other plans for this weekend too but wont tell you about that yet as that will be an amazing post :-)


Anonymous said...

Excellent :)
Can't wait to read the next installment.

It's Sarah...can't be bothered to sign in..lol.

rosiero said...

Sounds like you are making excellent progress. Build on your successes. Too often a phobic shrugs off their success as if it were a one-off and won't repeat itself. I know - I've done the same. But you can repeat it. It sounds like you are learning the mechanisms to cope with your feared situations. It was great to read about all the things you have managed to do.